0 Time for a Kitchen Remodel? A Complete Guide to Wood Cabinets

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  • 6.22.2019
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Time for a Kitchen Remodel? A Complete Guide to Wood Cabinets

Time for a Kitchen Remodel? A Complete Guide to Wood Cabinets

If you're thinking of remodeling your kitchen, it's important to understand your options. Check out this guide to wood cabinets to decide which is best for you.

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It's time to remodel your kitchen. Your old outdated kitchen cabinets are in desperate need of a makeover. You may want to consider updating with some new wood cabinets.

Here's your complete guide. 

Choosing a Wood Cabinet

There are so many stunning options for new wood cabinets, where do you even start? You could go with maple, cherry, hickory, walnut or oak.  And that's not even all the wood choices out there. 

We broke down the characteristics of these woods to help you find your favorite type. 

Maple Wood Cabinets

You can spot a maple wood cabinet from it's white to creamy color. Sometimes you might even see some reddish-brown colors in the panels.

You may even see this wood with light tones of yellow-brown or pink. Sometimes there are mineral streaks of red or light tan. These streaks will darken with a stain which just enhances its natural beauty. 

This woods subtle grain pattern tends to create a very clean, smooth and uniformed look. The only markings you might see on this wood is fine brown lines, curly or wavy graining, and tiny black birds'-eye dots. 

Because of this clean look, maple cabinets tend to give you a ton of design options throughout your home. You might start by installing these in the kitchen, and then realize it works in your bathroom as well.

This wood is also available in different glazes, stains, finishes or paints. The maple wood itself is very strong and durable compared to other woods that share its clean appearance.

Maple is a strong, resilient hardwood that typically features uniform graining as compared other wood types. 

Cherry Cabinets

You can spot a cherry cabinet by its red undertone. This wood can range in color from a white to a deep rich brown. Cherry wood tends to be smooth with a close-grained appearance and uninformed random markings.

Since this wood has an even grain, you can easily apply finishes to it. You may find mineral streaking on the sapwood of these cabinets. Some other markings might include pitch pockets and fine pinholes.

These marks really add character to cherry wood, making it a stunning choice for not only your kitchen but also you bathrooms, home offices or honestly any room in your house. 

The one thing you should be aware of is cherry wood is light sensitive. This means the wood will darken with age. This maturity is actually a good thing, many look forward to this evolution. 

There is also a rustic cherry wood, which looks like rustic wood. On this wood, you'll find picturesque streaks and pin knots that are truly eye-catching. 

Hickory Cabinets

Hickory wood tends to have a more natural contrasting look. This is because of the heartwood and sapwood of this wood. The color of hickory can differ from blonde or white to reddish-brown and dark brown. 

Sometimes this wood will have a naturally contrasting look which looks stunning in a kitchen.  Hickory cabinets tend to have a strong, close-grained smooth wood with a flowing grain pattern. The grain of this wood tends to be straight, but it's possible for it to be wavy. 

Hickory wood tends to be characterized as having a coarse texture which gives it an almost rugged look. You might find pinholes, burls, streaks, and knots in hickory's grain. 

The more rustic variety of this wood has random wormholes, picks, knots, burls and mineral streaks, which really enhances the wood's appearance. 

Walnut Cabinets

Walnut wood cabinets come in muted brown hues with an elegant grain pattern. The grain tends to be fine, smooth and straight with colors ranging from deep chocolate to reddish-gray brown. 

You may even spot some light brown or light yellow sapwood in areas of the wood. Walnut cabinets give off rich and warm colors than take a finish well. 

Walnut wood tends to mellow with age, meaning the color might lighten a little. This maturity leads to a stunning appearance. 

Oak Wood Cabinets

You can spot an oak wood cabinet from its signature grain pattern and colors which vary from white to pink to reddish tones. You may notice streaks in this wood of yellow, green, and sometimes black tones. This is because of mineral deposits on the oak wood. 

Oak is often used in furniture pieces and works beautifully on kitchen cabinets. You may notice characteristics of random knots, wormholes, and wild grain patterns of fine lines, leafy grains, watery figures, and fine lines. These characteristics are considered to be sought after by most homeowners. 

There is also red oak. This oak is characterized by having visible straight lines, points, and arches. You can tell this wood has variations when it's in a lighter finish. 

You can stain red oak cabinets evenly. There is also rustic red oak which has more intense color with more wild graining and knotholes. 

Compound Materials

Even though you were in the market for a wood cabinet, you might be interested in cabinets made out of compound materials like laminate, Thermofoil, or acrylic. 

These cabinets are composed of a range of compounds that allow your cabinets to be flexible in design, color, and styling.  


This compound has wrap technology which eliminates the possibility of peeling, cracking or delamination. Laminate is resistant to UV light, moisture, heat, staining, and aging. 


This surface is seamless, that's perfect for the wear and can be cleaned easily. You can get this material in either high gloss or even high-gloss wood-grain. 


This material has a consistent appearance and is ideal for a fashion-forward, stylish, modern appearance. 

Get Your Wood Cabinets Today! 

Now that you know what your options are, isn't it time you find your perfect wood cabinet today? You may even decide that a compound material works better for your lifestyle. The choice is yours!

Whichever you choose from maple, cherry, hickory, walnut, oak or compound, you and your family will love your new kitchen. It's nice to have a little home makeover every once in a while. 

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