0 New Trends in Kitchen Cabinets: Update the Space with These Ideas

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  • 12.14.2018
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New Trends in Kitchen Cabinets: Update the Space with These Ideas

New Trends in Kitchen Cabinets: Update the Space with These Ideas

Are you updating the kitchen? If so, consider the trends in kitchen cabinets found here. You won't be sorry.

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Does your kitchen need a facelift? You might not need the $20,000 remodel that you think you do.

You may be surprised how much of an updated look you can get from changing your cabinets alone. The cost can be far less than replacing all your appliances and countertops. Yet, a fresh set of cabinets can make it look like you have a whole new kitchen.

If you're ready to make some changes, start by exploring your options with these trends in kitchen cabinets.

Today's Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinets

Maybe you're revitalizing your kitchen to get more value when you sell your home. Perhaps you just want a kitchen you can be proud of. Or you might be a cabinet dealer who wants to know what to recommend to your customers.

Regardless, use these popular trends for inspiration: 

Adventures in Color

Traditionally, cabinets tend to stay close to their wooden roots by using colors you'd naturally see in wood. The most artificial color you'd have seen a few decades ago would have been white.

Today, though, homeowners are getting a bit more adventurous with their kitchen cabinet colors. We're seeing more and more colors like gray, navy or other shades of blue, and more.

If you go with more neutral tones on your countertop, walls, and floors, bringing color into your cabinets can spice up your look.

Accented Backs

Another great way to make your cabinets into accent features is to decorate the backs of your cabinets.

Instead of a solid cabinet door, use a glass door for some of your cabinets. You could even go all the way and remove the doors entirely.

Next, add a fun and complementary design to the back of the cabinet. This could be a bright color that complements the rest of your kitchen, such as painting yellow on the back of a white cabinet.

Another popular option is to do this with wallpaper. Find a design and color scheme that complements your kitchen, and apply it to the back of your cabinet.

It's important that you limit this to an accent rather than doing it to all your cabinets. Do an accent back for perhaps one or two cabinets in your entire kitchen.

Blends of Traditional and Contemporary

Have you ever gone shopping for a home-related item with your significant other and found that you had completely different visions?

Many couples have this problem, with one person enjoying traditional styles and the other enjoying contemporary designs. If you're among them, you're in luck because it's a hot cabinet trend today to combine the two.

For example, maybe you have sleek and modern-looking cabinets and then you install vintage hardware on them. The opposite works just as well. This is called a transitional style: a middle ground between contemporary and traditional.

Multi-Colored Cabinets

We've already talked about using unique colors for your cabinets, but what about using multiple colors too?

If you do it right, using multiple cabinet colors can look well-coordinated and trendy. For instance, perhaps you have white cabinets in most of your kitchen and gray cabinets on your island.

The key is choosing the right layout and the right color pairing. Your colors need to complement each other and be far enough away to create a nice contrast. If there's too little difference between the two colors, it'll look like you ran out of stain instead.

Unique Lighting

Sometimes it's not about the cabinets themselves, but about how you highlight them.

The right lighting can give your cabinets a flattering glow. They can throw your cabinets into the 21st century.

One popular choice is to install light strips underneath your upper cabinets. This will cast light onto your countertops to make them glitter while giving your cabinets a cozy warmth.

Another way you can bring more light into your cabinets is to use spotlights. You can place small spotlights at the top of a cabinet with glass shelves and glass doors so it lights up the entire cabinet.

Custom Organization

More and more homeowners are focusing on making their cabinets more space-efficient. After all, you might as well get as much storage as you can from them, right?

While there are plenty of organizational products you can buy, today's homeowners are installing more customized and built-in tools.

For instance, they might request a cabinet with vertical pegs or dividers so they can arrange their pans. Maybe they'll ask for hooks on the cabinet doors for further organization.

If you're planning to replace your cabinets, take some time to plan how you'll organize them. This gives you the opportunity to plan out customized cabinet organization if you choose.

Using All Vertical Space

Think back to your parents and grandparents' kitchens. Did they have the classic garland or other decorations above their top cabinets?

There's no need to try to decorate that space anymore. Instead, the trend is to continue your cabinets all the way up to your ceiling with a trim border.

From a cosmetic perspective, floor to ceiling cabinets can create a more uniform look throughout your kitchen. From a practical perspective, they're more space-efficient so you can get more storage from your cabinets. It's a win on all fronts.

Cabinet Camouflage

It's debatable as to whether this is more of a cabinet trend of an appliance trend, but it still fits.

One of the most common features of a high-end kitchen is that the appliances are disguised to look like cabinets.

The key to doing this trend right is to spring for customized cabinet facades for your appliances. If you try to take a DIY approach, chances are that you won't be able to match your cabinets' style and color.

Breathing Life into a Kitchen with New Cabinets

When it comes to style and value, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home.

Homeowners want a place where they can cook a delicious meal, entertain their friends, and more. These trends in kitchen cabinets can help you renovate your kitchen in style.

If you're a cabinet dealer and you're ready to expand your selection, contact our cabinetry professionals!

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