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          Change Orders Policy:
          · Jarlin will consider requests for minor changes or cancellations to an order in writing up to 24 hours after receipt of signed confirmation.
          · A twenty-five dollar ($25), non-refundable service fee will be charged to Buyer for each occurrence of changing an order.
          Returned Checks:
          · There will be a $25 returned check fee for each occurrence.

          Storage Fees:
          · Purchased items not picked up by Buyer within three (3) business days after buyer receives Ready for Pickup notification are subject to storage fees, including, but not
             limited to, a daily fee of thirty dollars ($30) for items stored at Jarlin Cabinetry.

          Design Service:
          · Jarlin provides a design service you can utilize.
          · There is a fee for this service. The fee is at the discretion of Management.
          · $50 for limited design, $100 for moderate design and $150 for advanced design. This fee will be required before this service is provided.
          · Jarlin holds no responsibility for improper measurements or incorrect cabinet sizes provided by customer.
          · Drawings ARE NOT CONSIDERED ORDERS. Only the sales order will be recognized as an approved order.

          Financial Responsibility:
          · Jarlin Cabinetry requires payment of invoices upon receipt of goods.

          Quotation of Price:
          · All written quotations of price ("Quote") made by Jarlin Cabinetry will be valid for a period of thirty (30) days, without exception, from the date of the Quote generated
             by Jarlin Cabinetry.  Under no circumstances will Jarlin Cabinetry honor verbal quotations of price.

          · All sales tax, excise taxes, or other forms of taxes levied against this transaction shall be paid by Buyer over and above all other sums
          · Buyer is or may become obligated to pay hereunder. These taxes are in addition to the purchase price of the products subject to an order.
          · If you are exempt from tax, an original signed tax exemption certificate must be submitted to Jarlin Cabinetry. Without a valid signed tax exemption certificate on file at
             Jarlin Cabinetry all applicable taxes will be charged to the Buyer.

          Governing Law:
          · Venue and Jurisdiction All issues concerning the formation, performance, or interpretation of any contract regarding this sale shall be governed by the laws of the state of
             Florida, and any dispute between Jarlin Cabinetry and Buyer will be resolved in Florida the prevailing party in that dispute entitled to its costs and reasonable attorney's fees.

          Severability of Terms:
          · If any phrase, clause or provision shall be declared void, the validity of any other provisions shall not be affected there.
          Display Rebate Program:
          · Showroom Displays will be purchased at the regular price. Upon receipt of photo of installed display, Jarlin will provide a store credit for the difference of .30 multiplier
            discount off the list price and your current multiplier.

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