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          Delivery Service:
          · Local delivery service is only available in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties.
          · There is a delivery fee of $120 for Broward Counties and $160 for Palm Beach & Dade County.
          · This is first floor delivery only. Deliveries above 1  floor WITH AN ELEVATOR, add $80.00. Any others will be considered and quoted.
          · It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect all product(s) to verify all items are present and free of visible damage prior to signing for unassembled & assembled products.
          · If something is wrong or missing, notify the driver. Driver will return to warehouse and the replacement will be rescheduled for delivery.
          · Sign the delivery list. Concealed damage will not be picked up or delivered.
          Returned Goods Policy:
          · Customers must complete the Merchandise Return Form and return to  within 30 days of receipt of order.
          · This form must be returned with the product and must be delivered to Jarlin within 10 business days from the date issued.
          · No products shall be returned to Jarlin until a return authorization has been issued.
          · Jarlin assumes no responsibility for items returned without proper authorization.
          · All boxes containing the returned products must be unopened and undamaged. Under no circumstances can assembled products be returned.
          · Customers are responsible for all freight and transportation charges associated with returns, and customers will assume all risk of loss and damage until the products are
             delivered to the Jarlin facility. Jarlin does not pick up returns.
          · Upon receipt and inspection of the returned products, Jarlin will issue a credit for the invoice amount for qualifying returns
             and will incur a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee. No credit will be issued for lost or damaged items.
          Concealed Missing, Damaged or Defective Parts Policy:
          · Any damaged, missing or defective parts require the following to be resolved.
          · Customer has 15 days from of receipt of order to report any concealed damage.
          · Check to make sure all parts are present and free of damage as it is taken out of the carton.
          · Any missing or damaged parts must be photographed, take close-up and wide-angle photographs of the damage at this time before assembly.
          · Send request with detailed description, sales order # and photo to
          · No parts will be replaced at no charge without sales order # and photo or after cabinet is assembled.
          · Jarlin has 48 hours to review the request. Jarlin will notify customer at this time as to the outcome of the review. If the item(s) are to be replaced at Jarlin's expense, they will
             be shipped within 48 hours of notice.
          · Jarlin will ship all replacement/missing orders standard UPS,1  choice or standard LTL, 2  choice.
          · Jarlin cannot be held responsible for any cost including labor accrued during the installation of any of its products sold via any channels of distribution.
             This includes, but is not limited to, items that may be flawed or have been damaged in transit.
          · Defects do not include items beyond reasonable control, including but not limited to, the following:
          · Wood and Color Variations. Natural variations in the color, textures and grain of the wood used to manufacture cabinets or changes in the color of the wood caused by the
             natural aging process of the wood material is not considered defective.
          · Wood Doors. Changes to wooden doors caused by changes in humidity, temperature and other local atmospheric conditions are not considered defects.  Door warpage of
             up to 1/4” shall not be considered a defect.  Note also that doors that appear warped may often be the result of improper installation.
          · Painted Finishes. Changes (such as finish stress lines) caused using non-porous woods (such as birch) or by changes in humidity, temperature and other local atmospheric
             conditions are not considered defects.
          · Glazed finishes are by nature uneven, and some edges and profiles will be larger than others. Glazed finishes may vary from item to item, resulting in variations in color,
             texture and finish.  These types of variations are not considered defects.

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