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          16. Refrigerator Landing Area: Include at least 15 inches of landing area on the handle side of the refrigerator or 15 inches of landing
          area on either side of a side-by-side refrigerator or 15 inches of landing area no more than 48 inches across from the front of the
          refrigerator or 15 inches of landing area above or adjacent to any undercounter refrigeration appliance.
          17. Cooking Surface Landing Area: Include a minimum of 12 inches of landing area on one side of a cooking surface and 15 inches on
          the other side. In an island or peninsula, the countertop should also extended a minimum of 9 inches behind the cooking surface.
          18. Cooking Surface Clearance: Allow 24 inches of clearance between the cooking surface and a protected noncombustible surface
          [e.g., a range hood] above it. At least 30 inches of clearance is required between the cooking surface and an unprotected/combustible
          surface [e.g., cabinetry] above it. If a microwave hood is used, then the manufacturer's specications should be followed.
          19. Cooking Surface Ventilation: Provide a correctly sized, ducted ventilation system for all cooking surface appliances; the
          recommended minimum is 150 CFM.
          20. Cooking Surface Safety: Do not locate the cooking surface under an operable window. Window treatments above the cooking
          surface should not use ammable materials. A re extinguisher should be located near the exit of the kitchen away from cooking
          21. Microwave Oven Placement: The ideal location for the bottom of the microwave is 3 inches below the principle user's shoulder but
          no more than 54 inches above the oor. If the microwave is below the countertop the bottom must be at least 15 inches off the
          nished oor.
          22. Microwave Landing Area: Provide at least a 15-inch landing area above, below or adjacent to the handle side of a microwave.
          23. Oven Landing Area: Include at least a 15-inch landing area next to or above the oven. At least a 15-inch landing area not more
          than 48 inches across from the oven is acceptable if the appliance does not open into a walkway.
          24. Combining Landing Areas: If two landing areas are adjacent, determine a new minimum by taking the longer of the two landing
          area requirements and adding 12 inches.
          25. Countertop Space: A total of 158 inches of countertop frontage, 24 inches deep, with at least 15 inches of clearance above, is
          needed to accommodate all uses.
          26. Countertop Edges: Specify clipped or round corners rather than sharp edges.
          27. Storage: The total shelf/drawer frontage is: 1,400 inches for a small kitchen (150 square feet or less); 1,700 inches for a medium
          kitchen (151 to 350 square feet); and 2,000 inches for a large kitchen (351 square feet or more). *See Chart.
          28. Storage at Cleanup/Prep Sink: Of the total recommended shelf/drawer frontage, the following should be located within 72 inches
          of the centerline of the main cleanup/prep sink: at least 400 inches for a small kitchen; at least 480 inches for a medium kitchen; and
          at least 560 inches for a large kitchen.
          29. Corner Cabinet Storage: At least one corner cabinet should include a functional storage device.                Small   Medium    Large
          This does not apply if there are no corner cabinets.
                                                                                                                    Wall     300 in.  360 in.  360 in.
          30. Electrical Receptacles: GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection is required                Base     520 in.  615 in.  660 in.
          on all receptacles servicing countertop surfaces.
          31. Lighting: Every work surface should be well-illuminated by appropriate task lighting.                 Drawer   360 in.  400 in.  525 in.
                                                                                                                    Pantry   180 in.  230 in.  310 in.
                                  *See line 27 - The recommended distribution for the shelf/drawer frontage is:     Misc.    40 in.   95 in.  145 in.

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