0 Brand Spanking New: The Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2019

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  • 12.17.2018
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The Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2019

Brand Spanking New: The Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2019

Brand Spanking New: The Top Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2019

If your clients are getting ready to replace your kitchen cabinets, then they'll need to consider different color schemes. Which kitchen cabinet colors will they choose?

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Are you looking for a way to "wow" your clients in 2019? If so, you've got to offer them the best. That means the best cabinets and the most cutting-edge color schemes.

The color of your clients' kitchen cabinets isn't a small thing. Cabinets set the mood for the entire kitchen, so the color has to be just right. In order to please your clients (and snag new ones), make sure you have the best colors on hand.

Which ones should you offer? Keep reading to find out. Here's your guide to the best kitchen cabinet colors you can offer in 2019.

Dark Gray

The idea of doing an entire kitchen in dark gray may sound a bit, well, dark. And it would be if you did the whole kitchen in that color.

Dark grays create a great foundation for a beautiful kitchen. If overused, they can make the kitchen feel like a cave, though. So don't overuse this color.

Dark gray cabinets are great for the lower areas of the kitchen. Use this color under counters and as the base for kitchen islands.

Pair the dark gray cabinets with something lighter on top. This will help keep the kitchen feeling light and airy.

White is versatile and goes well with dark gray. Using the two colors lets you get away with having some dark cabinets, plus they complement each other.

When choosing hardware, choose designs and colors that will stand out against the dark gray. It'll add to the decorative features of the kitchen.

Pastel Green

When used correctly, pastel colors work well on kitchen cabinets. For the best results, make sure all cabinet, flooring, countertop, and backsplash designs are obviously modern. Otherwise, you may end up with a kitchen that looks old.

Of course, your client may want a vintage kitchen. In that place, live it up with that pastel and retro appliances and flooring patterns.

If you are looking for a modern look, go for stainless steel appliances, sleek and slim hardware, and a gas-burning stove. If the overall look is kept modern, pastel green can look very nice in the kitchen.

To keep things light and airy, recommend your clients choose a white-based countertop material, such as Carrara marble.


Cool, classic, and clean, it's hard to go wrong with white. You'll undoubtedly have clients who want this color, so make sure you offer it as an option.

White cabinets can be utilized in many ways. They help a kitchen feel open and roomy by filling the space with light. This makes white cabinets a great option for smaller kitchen spaces or ones with little natural light.

White cabinets go with just about anything, too. Stainless steel appliances work well with white cabinets, but black appliances work too if your client has budget restraints.

All types of flooring work well with white cabinets, and you won't be restricted with wall colors either. Your client could choose to do an entirely white kitchen if they wanted to. We'd recommend using a mix of colors, though.

If your client does want a lot of light colors, offer cabinets that have glass doors so they can show off their dishes or kitchen appliances. The glass doors will add some variety to an otherwise completely white or light kitchen.

White cabinets are great for contrast. Concrete countertops or dark wood floors will make the white color pop even more.


Beige is a great neutral color that compliments many colors and textures. It's perfect for clients who're looking for light without going straight to white.

Beige comes in various shades, but each shade is neutral and highly versatile. It works well with light and dark flooring, light and dark countertops, gold or silver hardware, and any color of appliances.

For an airy kitchen, recommend beige cabinets with light wood flooring and light neutral backsplash. Or, if your client wants more contrast in their kitchen, beige looks great with a dark hardwood, too. If light beige is used with a darker floor and backsplash, the color on the cabinets will stick out -- in a good way.


While this may not be a commonly used cabinet color, it can make for a gorgeous set of cabinets. A light cerulean offers a bold blue color that isn't overwhelming as some blues can be.

This color is perfect for clients who're looking for kitchens that nod to days gone by. Pair them with wooden countertops to bring some major nostalgia-of simpler days a century or two ago, not of the funky color trends of the 1970s.

This color doesn't have to be used with wood, though. Light-colored countertops would work great, as well.

Cerulean, or other light blue colors, can be paired with other colored cabinets, such as white or gray. Or they can be used on their own.

While this color can really work well, it may be harder to pair than other colors, so make sure you don't end up with an over-the-top or cheesy look. When done right though, this color can really add some beautiful interest to a kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors -- A Big Decision

Kitchen cabinet colors are a big deal. They can make or break a kitchen, and even determine if your client likes their new or remodeled kitchen at all. Make sure you offer the best in order to make your clients happy.

Take a look at the entire design of the kitchen when recommending cabinet colors. When everything is taken into account, you and your client are sure to find a color that makes them say "wow!"

We offer the high-quality cabinets and stunning colors your clients are looking for. Click here to become a dealer today!

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